EMS12 - Meaning and Meaningfulness in Electroacoustic Music - Stockholm

James Andean
The Future of Electroacoustic Pedagogy

César Ignacio Baca-Lobera
Approaches to Electroacoustics and Morphology: Rethinking Contacts in “La Lógica de los Sueños”

Tatjana Böhme-Mehner
Between Meaning and Meaningfulness – “Understanding” Anecdotal Music

John Chittum
Synthesis of Performer and Instrument, Analytical Issues in Interactive Multimedia and Christopher Burns’ “Sawtooth”

Jean-Louis Di Santo
Referential Sounds, Symbolism and Semiotics

Frédérick Duhautpas, Renaud Meric, Makis Solomos
Expressiveness and Meaning in the Electroacoustic Music of Iannis Xenakis. The Case of "La légende d’Eer".

Simon Emmerson, Leigh Landy
The analysis of electroacoustic music, the differing needs of its genres and categories

León Enríquez
A Peircean Model for Music and Sound-Based Art: a Pragmatist Approach to Experiences in the Artistic Use of Sound

Kerry L. Hagan
Different Walks for Different Talks: Finding the Meaningful in Electroacoustic Music

Hubert Howe
Reality and Unreality in the Interpretation of Electroacoustic Music

Terri Hron
Exploring the Nexus of Collaboration, Notation and Meaning in Mixed Electroacoustic Music

Andrew Lewis, Xenia Pestova
The audible and the physical: a gestural typology for ‘mixed’ electronic music

Nicolas Marty
Sonic Identification and Listening Strategies Towards a ‘Natural’ Narratology for Electroacoustic Musics

Andra McCartney
Meaningful Listening through Soundwalks

Adolfo Núñez
Toward a Listening Based Taxonomy for Live Electronic Processing of Sound. Case study: Works produced at LIEM

James O’Callaghan
Mediated Mimesis: Transcription as Processing

Mikko Ojanen, Kai Lassfolk
Material tape as a piece of art: case studies of an inconstant work-concept in Erkki Kurenniemi’s electroacoustic music

Peter Rothbart
Ethno-Electro – A Framework for Examining Cultural Influences In Electroacoustic Music

Simonetta Sargenti
Gesture and Sound Analysis: Virtual Instruments for an Interactive Composition

Pascal Terrien
De la composition à la réception, une identité de sens et de signification / From Composition to Reception, Identicality of Meaning and Significance

Nasia Therapontos
Sound-based music curriculum. Finding the meaning and meaningfulness of sound

Lasse Thoresen
Exosemantic Analysis Analysis Of Music-As-Heard

Pierre Alexandre Tremblay
Mixing the Immiscible: Improvisation within Fixed-Media Composition