EMS07 - The ‘languages’ of electroacoustic music - Leicester

Mathew Adkins
Schaeffer est Mort! Long live Schaeffer!

Adriana Anastasia & Nicola Giosmin
Incontri di fasce sonore by Franco Evangelisti. From the rebuilding to the analysis via synthesis process

Elizabeth L. Anderson
Materials, Meaning and Metaphor : Unveiling Spatio-Temporal Pertinences in Acousmatic Music

Peter Batchelor
Really hearing the thing: an investigation of the creative possibilities of trompe l’oreille and the fabrication of aural landscapes

David Berezan
Flux: Live-Acousmatic Performance and Composition

Tatjana Böhme-Mehner
Language as Material – Language as Communication: “Words” and “Texts” in Electroacoustic Music

Juan Chattah
Klang, Kar, und Melodie: a Crash Course on Musical Narrative

Jean-Marc Chouvel, Jean Bresson, Carlos Agon
L’analyse musicale différentielle : principes, représentation et application à l’analyse de l’interprétation

Nick Collins
Analysis of Generative Music

John Coulter
The Language of Electroacoustic Music

Pierre Couprie
Dessin 3 D et système immersif pour la représentation de la musique électroacoustique

Ariane Couture
L’hybride est-il un paramètre musical ? Une analyse de la vidéomusique Spin (1999-2002) de Jean Piché

John Dack
Acoulogie: an answer to Lévi-Strauss?

Arne Eigenfeldt
Real-time Composition or Computer Improvisation? A composer’s search for intelligent tools in interactive computer music

Simon Emmerson
‘Where next? New music, new musicology’

Julio d’Escriván
Imaginary Listening

Rajmil Fischman
‘Mimetic Space’: A conceptual framework for the discussion analysis and creation of mimetic discourse and structure

Robert J. Gluck
Educating International Composers: The Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center

Francesca Guerrasio
L’approche de l’écologie sonore par Salvatore Sciarrino dans Lohengrin II, dessin pour un jardin sonore

Abdul Wahid Hasnizam
Recent Experiment and Emerging Works at the Faculty of Applied and Creative Arts, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak – The Integration and an Experiment of a Traditional Wayang Kulit Performances and Electroacoustic Music

Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner
Hear Me Now: The implication and significance of the female composer’s voice as sound source in her electroacoustic music

Hiromi Ishii
Finding Rules in Shakuhachi Timbre and Applying Them to Structure Music: Composition for shakuhachi and live electronics ‘Kaze no Michi’ (Wind Way)

Leigh Landy
The ElectroAcoustic Resource Site (EARS) approaches its next phase: going global and addressing the young

Guillaume Loizillon
Synthèse sonore et musiques électroacoustiques: une phenomenologie du sonore

Dugal McKinnon
The Acousmatic and the Language of the Technological Sublime

Katharine Norman
Where are we Listening? and What are We Listening To?

Felipe Otondo
Recent Spatialisation Trends in Electroacoustic Music

Blas Payri
Auditory scene analysis and sound source coherence as a frame for the perceptual study of electroacoustic music language

Paul Rudy
Three requiems and a dream: The language of electroacoustic sound in film By Paul Rudy

Zhang Ruibo, Kenneth Fields
CHEARS: China Electroacoustic Resource Survey

Ambrose Seddon
Recurrence in Acousmatic Music: Creative and Analytical Possibilities

Dante Tanzi
The Role of Behaviour in the Analysis of Electroacoustic Music

Elisa Teglia
Les langages de la production électroacoustique du Studio di fonologia musicale de Milan

Gaël Tissot
Analyse de la densité événementielle: une approche de la perception temporelle dans ‘Kontakte’ de K. Stockhausen

Andrea Valle
A typological space for representing collections of sound objects

Nicolas Viel
Pierre Barbaud et la naissance de la musique par ordinateur en France : de la cybernétique à l’algorithmique

Simon Waters
Performance Ecosystems: Ecological approaches to musical interaction

Rob Weale
Mapping perception1 across the communicative continuum as a prelude to analysis

Michael Young
Au(or)a: Exploring Attributes of a Live Algorithm