EMS05 - Sound in multimedia contexts - Montréal

Kevin Austin
Analysis in Electroacoustic Studies

Marc Battier
Some aspects of research on the San Francisco Tape Music Center and the contribution of Donald Buchla

Andreas Bergsland
From maximal to minimal voice - concepts for evaluating vocal sounds in electroacoustic music

Leslie David Blasius
Electroacoustic music and its doubles

Hannah Bosma
Documentation and publication of electroacoustic compositions at NEAR

Bruno Bossis
Analysis of electroacoustic musics: from sources to invariants

Joel Chadabe
Writing History and Preservation

John Coulter
Multimedia Composition As Research

Pierre Couprie
(Re)présentation de la musique électroacoustique

Ricardo Dal Farra
Something lost, something hide, something found: The Latin American Electroacoustic Music Collection

Francis Dhomont
Quelques préalables aux fondements théoriques des musiques électroacoustiques

Francis Dhomont
Conférence d’ouverture

Simon Emmerson
In what form can‘live electronic music’ live on?

Brian Evans
The Graphic Design of Musical Structure: Scores for Listeners: Incantation and Mortuos Plango,Vivos Voco

Barbara Fox
Schaeffer Stands His Ground: Orfée 53 and Evocative Sound

Koichi Fujii
Analysis of Early Electroacoustic Music of Japan: In search for systematic analytical methodology

Diego Garro
A Glow on Pythagora’s Curtain. A Composer’s Perspective On Electroacoustic Music with Video

Evelyne Gayou
Transcribing the listening of electroacoustic music

Anastasia Georgaki
Reinventing Greek electroacoustic music: from tradition to multidisciplinarity

Robert Gluck
Towards An International History of Electroacoustic Music: Some Preliminary

Rolf Inge Godøy
Gestural Sonorous Objects: Re-thinking Schaeffer’s Typo-morphological concepts

Kerry Hagan
Genetic Analysis of Xenakis’ Analogique B

Anna-Marie Higgins & Kevin Jennings
From Peering in the Window to Opening the Door: A Constructivist Approach to Making Electroacoustic Music Accessible to Young Listeners

Randolph Jordan
Cause and Effect: Cinema and the Tradition of Acousmatic Sound

Gary S. Kendall
La juxtaposition et le non-mouvement : Varèse jette un pont entre le modernisme et la musique électroacoustique

Philippe Lalitte
Contrariety, contradiction and complementarity in the relations between instrumental and electronics in the 20th electroacoustic music

Leigh Landy
Découvrir de quelle façon la musique électrocoustique peut être accessible : le projet de l’intention et de la réception

Leigh Landy & Rob Weale
Discovering How Accessible Electroacoustic Music Can Be: The Intention/Reception Project

Rosemary Mountain
The Interactive Multimedia Thesaurus & Playroom

David Ogborn
“When they are dying, men sing...”: Nono’s Diario Polacco n. 2

John Richards
Getting beyond the Medium

Dante Tanzi
Musical objects and digital domains

Daniel Teruggi
Building an International network to preserve Electroacoustic heritage, a challenge for a community

Doug Van Nort
The Contemporary Production of Noise and the Role of the System

Simon Waters
Making the archive and archiving the making: Insights and outcomes from a major research project

John Young
Sound in Structure: Applying Spectromorphological Concepts

Laura Zattra
The identity of musical work : makers and processes of the electro-acoustic music